New Zeus3 Glass Helm from B&G

B&G®, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist and Official Supplier of sailing instruments and navigation electronics for the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race, is pleased to introduce the new Zeus3 Glass Helm series.  Designed specifically for blue water sailing, multihulls and superyachts; this premium, super-fast, large-screen, multifunction display sits at the heart of a fully integrated navigation system and is available in 16, 19 and 24 inch displays.

The B&G Zeus3 Glass Helm has an ultra-bright, wide-angle, full HD display combined with all-weather, easy-to-use touchscreen all in a low profile, glass design.  Whether it is planning a route, checking for obstacles and weather on the Radar display, or simply navigating to the next destination, the Zeus3 Glass Helm’s impressive screen enables the user to view the data even through polarised lenses, from almost any angle, including in bright sunlight.  The display can also be controlled using both button and rotary dial through a Zeus Controller.

Like all B&G chartplotters, Zeus3 Glass Helm comes complete with award-winning sailing functions; view key sailing data all together on one screen, or overlaid on charts for the modern sailor’s ultimate navigation view. A built in powerful quad-core processor allows super-fast data processing and multiple screen split giving you the ultimate view.  Taking accurate data from the B&G instruments and sensors on the network, B&G SailSteer will provide an intuitive graphic display of your Boat Speed, Wind, Heading, Tide, Wind Shift Sectors and Laylines.  It’s easy to add waypoints or plot a course using the intuitive interface and touchscreen; and with B&G SailingTime you’ll see waypoint arrival times based on a sailing course and tidal effects, rather than a straight-line calculation.

Alan Davis, B&G Product Line Director said, “We are really pleased to introduce the new B&G Zeus3 Glass Helm.   It provides a sleek, intuitive and powerful solution for larger sailing yachts and can be integrated easily to work with and control the many functions on board including B&G dedicated sailing and navigation features to the onboard digital systems”.

The Zeus3 has a powerful, built-in quad-core processor meaning there is no separate ’black box’, simplifying installation, system integration, and expansion via NMEA 2000®.  This makes it even easier to combine Radar, ForwardScan, charting, B&G autopilots, sonar, digital monitoring and control, and more.

Available in 16-, 19- and 24-inch integrated displays, Zeus3 Glass Helm is available from authorised dealers and distributors throughout APAC.